Secientific Activities

- The Journal `From the Osteoporosis World` has been the scientific periodical of the Turkish Osteoporosis Society regularly published since 1995 with 4 issues per year. The journal covers scientific researches on osteoporosis performed in our country. The Editor of the Journal is Prof. Dr. Merih Sarıdoğan and Prof. Dr. Ülkü Akarırmak is the Asst. Editor. The Journal `From the Osteoporosis World` is indexed by TUBITAK/ULAKBIM databases.

- The first scientific research detecting the risk factors for osteoporosis and prescription drug side effects was performed in 1999 including approximately 3.000 people in 26 centers. The results of the study were published in national and international congresses and journals.

- Studies on risk factors for osteoporosis in children and their assessment applying ultrasound technique were performed in Ankara.

- Within the scope of Researches of Community Health calcaneal ultrasound bone densitometry screening was performed in 20 more provinces.

- The study on `Awareness of Osteoporosis in Men and Determination of the Knowledge Level` has been completed in İzmir and prepared for international publication.

- A multi-centered comprehensive research was planned in collaboration with Turkish Statistical Institute in order to update the data on osteoporosis in Turkey and to achieve the appropriate database.

- A three-year project study with recommendations and support of IOF has been started. The project with priority of scientific and educational targets will contribute to more coordinated and comprehensive activities. Different specialty societies performing studies on osteoporosis are aimed to take place together with patient societies in the project. The organization called Osteoporosis Platform got started after an introduction meeting in which IOF President Mr. Daniel Navid also participated.

- Turkish Osteoporosis Society prepared a guidebook for patients enclosing information about the disease, risk factors, prevention, diagnosis and treatment methods.

- A 40-minute osteoporosis exercise CD was designed and strength, balance and posture exercises performed by healthy individuals and osteoporotic patients were demonstrated in details.